What Is the Spiritual Law of Decree

· They may have a spiritual contract for someone else to facilitate their healing. · It is not up to you to decide what is for the greater good of the person and what is not. The Law of Patience: Luke said, “Have your souls in your patience.” Patience involves spiritual, mental and physical thought and action. In this way, we learn to know ourselves, to measure and test our ideals, to use faith and to seek understanding through all other virtues. Patience allows all other virtues to manifest more deeply. We patiently realize that every mistake we see in another is a mistake of which we have personal knowledge from previous experiences. We patiently strive to gain true understanding, not just knowledge, because we realize that each soul is completely unique and will attain its enlightenment in its time. The Law of God`s Will: The Creators of our world perform their work of formation under this law. God`s work has to do with things that are free of change and movement—divine things. It is God`s will that what is human be divine, and therefore all creation exhorts in the light of God. God is all good, and it is because of good that all other things exist. There are two basic emotions on the earth plane. One is fear and the other is love.

When you resist the experiences you have chosen through fear, you create blockages in your mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. This ends up causing physical illness (illness). Rigid and inflexible mental beliefs and attitudes cause mental and physical tension. If you keep the physical body or an organ of the body in tension, something physical will manifest over time. Refused or suppressed emotions remain in the body until they manifest as a physical illness. If you do not recognize your spiritual self, you hinder the supply of divine energy and eventually your physical body will eventually atrophy. Any disease or illness is caused by stagnant energy. When you feel happiness and inner joy, your cells flow with love and your body responds by being healthy. Human consciousness rises so that the higher chakras or spiritual energy centers open. More and more people feel attracted to healing during this time. The Law of Divine Flow: By living in the present moment, centering ourselves in love, and serving others (as opposed to serving ourselves), we live in the law of divine flow.

We stay in the instant flow of our higher self, creating actions that reflect love and enable it. When we are able to do this, we notice how exactly we say the right things, do what is best for everyone, and refrain from doing what we previously did not love about ourselves or others. We maintain a stronger connection with our God-Self. The more we do that, the more we are able to do it. To some extent, deliberately abandoning this flow compromises our spiritual integrity. Please use this information as a reflection for your thoughts, but do not build a citadel that becomes impregnable for inquiry, the life of spirituality. The parameters in which we work are as vast as we manufacture them. It is almost impossible to dissolve abstractions in the concepts of language and not lose the inner sense of the process, and therefore much is lost in the nomenclature of these laws. Laws and their definitions have been extracted from many sources and may not be protected by copyright because those copyrights already exist. This information is for your personal use only.

When we go back, we merge with god`s source, in an infinitely small but profound way, we expand god`s Spirit. Our God and our higher self always point to the best and most perfect way and it is up to us to listen and choose or reject what we hear. God does not blame, but patiently tries to show the perfect way, the loving way. All creation is moving forward. We always will. The identity always remains! The law of the economy of violence: one of the three most important laws. The activity aspect. It is the law that adapts everything concerning the material and spiritual development of the cosmos to violence for the best possible benefit and with the least possible effort. It is the law of the physical atom and perfects every atom of time and every eternal period and carries everything forward and up and through, with the least possible effort with the right adjustment of the balance and with the necessary rhythm. The inequality of rhythm is really an illusion of time and does not exist in the cosmic center. We must think about it, because it holds the secret of peace, and we must grasp the meaning of this word, because it describes the next racial expansion of consciousness and has a hidden meaning.

The person who aims to create a point of contact between the conditions of chaos and those who work for constructive goals and order should also use the most necessary common sense factor in everything he does. This always includes obedience to the law of the economy of violence, based on discrimination and a true sense of values. Where these are present, time will be saved, energy will be distributed judiciously, excessive zeal will be eliminated and the great will be able to count on the wisdom of an aspirant and thus find help. The Law of Miracles: This law is enforceable by anyone who has realized that the essence of creation is light. A master is able to use his divine knowledge of luminous phenomena to instantly project the omnipresent atoms of light into perceptible manifestations. The actual form of projection (whatever it is, water in wine, medicine, the human body) is determined by the master`s desire and by his will and powers of visualization. All events in our precisely adapted universe are legally engaged and legally explainable. The so-called miraculous powers of a great master are a natural accompaniment to his precise understanding of the subtle laws that work in the inner cosmos of consciousness. Nothing is a miracle except in the deep sense that everything is a miracle.

Is there anything more wonderful that each of us is trapped in a finely organized body swirling in the space between the stars on Earth? The Law of Balance or Equipoise (Fair Exchange): This is the elaboration and continuation of the law of equality. The law of balance is a universal law that replaces all the laws of man and creates stability for all manifestations of the third dimension. Every thought must be balanced by the one who creates it. This is divine wisdom. Allow all points of view without feeling like you have to defend your own. Don`t let anyone tell you what your trip should reflect or what your reality is. Do not give up your strength so easily, but give your love unconditionally. All messages communicated in love affirm equality.

Low self-esteem is just as unproductive as inflated self-esteem. Both deny equality. Another manifestation of the imbalance of this law is dependence. I wish there was a “start today” box that you could get with all the tools and notes you need to begin the spiritual journey. It`s so overwhelming to look at everything as a whole. The law of contestation: We have the right to demand from another his intention, his identity and all the relevant information we think we need when we meet a disembodied being. Those who come to us in the role of providers of information to the channelers are not afraid of being challenged. Ask your questions to the entity three times (each time with the same words) and you will get the right information. The Law of Cycles: The world of nature exists in a broader pattern of cycles, such as day and night and the passage of seasons. The seasons do not push each other. Even the clouds do not run with the wind in the sky. Everything happens on time.

Just like a time to climb, and a time to fall. Everything that rises, falls and falls will be resurrected. This is the principle of cycles. The law of free will or the law of choice: We, in the third dimension, have the right to expand or contract, to carry our creative and expressive energies into the world in a positive or negative way. That is our final decision. Not all existence lives with this law, for it brings with it both the possibility of great growth of the soul and the ability to lose the growth of the soul and create evil or negativity. Whatever our circumstances, we have the power to choose our direction. We also choose to be under the influence of others or to be a role model for others. .

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